9 Ways to Bring Vintage Corbels Into Your Home Décor

9 Ways to Bring Vintage Corbels Into Your Home Décor

When the farmhouse décor trend started to gain steam, it was clear that homeowners and designers were quite clever when it came to repurposing what was once thought of as old, cast-off pieces. Rusted metal signs, weathered wood furniture and found architectural pieces were given second chances as vintage home décor.

One of those farmhouse design accents has gained a lot of popularity among homeowners—vintage corbels. These architectural pieces once served a practical purpose: they were weight-bearing (yet often pretty!) brackets that held up roofs, doorways, and ceilings. They can range from the stone creatures seen throughout Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral to simple, bygone farmhouses, used to accentuate and hold up porch roofs.

What Are Corbels?

A corbel is a type of bracket that juts out from a wall at the top. Its purpose is to carry any supplemental weight that the wall may not be able to support on its own.

Today, these architectural finds can be discovered at salvage yards, flea markets and even online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. Many homeowners choose to leave them chippy and imperfect, adding even more character to their home décor.

These homeowners and designers have gotten very creative with their corbels, just as Natalie Kolter of My Vintage Porch has done here—a collection of corbels looks especially chic!

Here are 10 ways to weave vintage corbels into your home décor.

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