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Types of Sand to Use in Different Applications

With its extremely fine aggregate form, sand is widely used in many various applications such as backfill, concrete, ice and snow control, landscaping, and surface treatments. However, people must learn that not all sands have equal features and that some are best used for specific applications instead of the other variants.

Here are the different types of sand to help you decide which is which should you buy sands Australia.

Torpedo sand. It’s a natural type of sand that is commonly used in creating asphalt and concrete, but it can also be used in other landscaping application. Its simple and coarse texture are factors why it drains well, hence the reason why it’s an excellent alternative for backfill and subbase. Torpedo sand can be mixed with black dirt to make it easier to use.

FM20 sand. This type of sand is produced by crushing gravel and larger stone to form finer particles. Typically, it is used in asphalt mixes, but it can also be utilised in other applications, especially landscaping. It is also a great aggregate used under roadways and shoulders. Consider mixing it with black dirt if you want to use FM20 sand for drainage.

#1 Mason sand. The best type of sand for building volleyball court or sandbox is the #1 mason sand. It is not only cost-effective but also versatile as it is popularly used in multiple applications. Since mason sand is very fine, it is perfect for play areas. This material can also be used for mason work and underneath swimming pools.

Fill sand/Trench backfill. As its name suggests, the fill sand is used for filling. Often, this aggregate is a mix of various sands. Since it is not processed, this means that it can be chunky. However, it still compacts well, making it the preferred sand for areas you need to build up.

Grits sand. An economical alternative to torpedo sand for trench fill and backfill projects, grits sand is mainly used in filling the areas between bricks and sand for patios or walkways. Moreover, it is best used for brick pavers.

When choosing sand, the first thing that should be done is to identify where it will be used. Next is to figure out the characteristics of a specific type of sand—if it suits the application or not. And lastly, compare options and settle on the material that is beneficial to you in terms of quality and affordability.

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