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Soil Supply | Usage of Recycled Materials In Gardening

The world today is dealing with severe insoluble pollution that affects every living thing on the planet.

Plastics. Although they are produced to make distribution of goods more accessible and affordable, plastics, especially the ones that are made for one-time use only, are causing significant detrimental change to our environment.

According to WWF Australia, 85% of plastic pollution is affecting seabirds and marine animals, and it is so severe that plastic has even entered into our food system via the food chain. 95% of these plastics are being used only once, and then thrown away by irresponsible users. How can we help stop plastic production? The answer is, we can’t.

However, we can do something about it. It is said that discipline starts at home, and once we make the recycling of plastic-based packages a habit, we eventually bring that routine outside of our homes. And the more we do, the more we can help our planet by influencing others to start recycling too.

No matter how much we avoid buying one-time use plastics, we sometimes have no choice but to purchase it since most goods used for consumption or household maintenance are packaged in plastics. But this is where our creativity comes in—we humans have ways of making something out of nothing.

Recycled Materials Used for Gardening

What better way to help the environment recover by using recycled materials and use them as garden tools? This way, it can have a dual purpose: to reduce wastage of plastic and to help produce clean air and reduce global heat by planting trees and garden plants. Plus, gardens can add appeal to homes. You can even save money by planting edibles and herbs. For gardening in city areas, you can get soil supply thru garden shops, or you can order online.

Collect recycled materials to make a makeshift garden in selected parts of the house, including indoors. Once you have the items, you can then look for soil supply. Plastic bottles and containers are an excellent alternative to using ceramic and clay pots. It is more durable and is resistant to breakage. You can also recycle the following items:

  • Wooden Pallet as a raised soil bed
  • Wine bottles as water containers
  • Instant cup noodles for hanging garden
  • Newspaper and used paper
  • Old and non-working appliances
  • Old and damaged tyres
  • Discarded or outgrown shoes and rubber boots

Recycling and gardening are an example of ways to help build a better future, not only for us but also for the next generation that might not get to experience a clean environment.
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