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Soil and Organic Compost Supply

A proper gardening setting must consist of the necessary elements to support plant growth. For plants to have a healthy life, appropriate amounts of the needed components are enough—sunlight, air, water, ground, and attention, because too much of everything could risk the life of your plants.

Sunlight and Air

When we were young, we learned the importance of sunlight exposure in all living creatures. In the case of plants and vegetation, the sunlight is a part of its food process. Photosynthesis, as it called, is a method of processing the energy absorbed from the sun to produce a sugary chemical called glucose, with the use help of carbon dioxide and water. The glucose formed in plants will serve as a source of nutrient (food).

Water and Soil

When starting a garden, aside from the seedling itself, water and soil are also essential elements in raising and determining the growth of your plants. Water provides food supplement in the plant, considering it is part of the photosynthesis process. Meanwhile, the soil serves as the plants’ anchorage, and it’s comprised of many nutrients needed to develop into its full capacity. Although there are different species of plants that could be found in a garden, most of these plants are soil dependent.

Healthy soil creates a hardy plant, and healthy plants make a healthy environment. To ensure the healthy growth of plants, garden soil must consist of the following elements such as nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, and phosphorous. But the ground where most residential areas are built lack the essential elements to supply the growth of plants.

Thankfully, there is a way for us to improve the quality of our horticultural soil.

Home-made Garden Compost

We can finally apply the residual waste management that we practice in our homes by collecting the edible waste and turn it into organic compost for our garden. A good garden compost may consist of food leftovers such as vegetable and fruit peelings or over-ripe ones. Garden trimmings and dried leaves also are used as soil enhancers to create softness in the ground.

Manufactured Garden Compost

For garden enthusiasts that have little time and resources in making a good soil compost, there is a top-of-the-line supply of soil available in gardening stores. Bags of organic soil, mulch, landscape and gardening materials such as stones, pebbles, and sand can be purchased at a reasonable price.

In maintaining the life of your garden, it is essential to be creative and resourceful. Choose gardening methods that suit your budget, and lifestyle. For gardening supply and landscape assistance, visit Labrador Landscape now!

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