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Landscaping Gold Coast | Increase your Home’s Curb Appeal

As much as we don’t want to admit it, it’s always important to have a good first impression when it comes to the appeal of our homes. And what better way to amaze your visitors, or even the passers-by, by building an attractive outdoor area that compliments the theme of your house.

Although it is not a part of the house property, the curb path is the first area we see when entering homes, which is why we should consider having a perfect landscaping Gold Coast design for our front yard and curb pathway to maximise the comfort and charms of our property. Follow these simple ideas to make the façade of your house more appealing.

The first step to consider in landscaping or redecorating your lawn is by identifying the motifs of your home. Once you’ve established what category it belongs, you can then do more research about the suitable designs and types of shrubs to plant, which is associated with the kind of theme used in your house.

Second, locate strategic areas on where to plant trees and shrubs. It is essential to know the environmental factors that will affect the sustainability of your house design. Understanding these factors can help you further your knowledge of the appropriate ways and areas on where to strategically place vegetation and achieve its maximum benefits.

The third step is to create a colour scheme. Plant vegetation according to the shade or colour of plants to have harmony in landscaping Gold Coast. Also, classify shrubberies so that will complement the growth of other plants to avoid overpowering or overshadowing smaller plants.

The fourth step is to make a clear pathway. Emphasise the walkway using a flooring. These floorings can be made from various materials from concrete to wooden planks. As long as the area is free from clutter and is passable, then the better and clean your entryway will be. One can also add a passage outline to achieve distinction from landscape to the walkway. Outline the area with potted plants or rows of shrubs and even of stone and concrete blocks.

The fifth step to consider is to illuminate the pathway. Adding lights in our front yard can make a massive difference during the night time. It helps highlight areas that add appeal to a house. Light fixtures shouldn’t always have to be those luxurious and expensive. There are many solar-powered outdoor lights available in the market today. You can also make those DIY outdoor lights to avoid extra expenses.

Whether we have a budget for an extravagant landscape design for our front yard or not, the vital thing to remember is that to keep the front yard flourishing, always tend your garden and provide care for it to last. And if one does not have time, consider choosing low-maintenance vegetation, to keep things simple but charming. For landscaping Gold Coast advice and consultations, contact us today at Labrador Landscape.

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