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Landscape Supply Near Me | Ideas to Revamp Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are dubbed as a comfort room for a reason. It is a place for sanitation and a place of comfort. Bathrooms can be designed according to the likings of the house owner. But some room spaces, especially on ready-for-occupancy houses, space is limited, and the designs are generic.

Bathrooms typically come with four walls and one small window for ventilation and lighting purposes. Although it is designed that way to reach specific house code requirements, it never hurts to change the look of the area, unless you live in a rented apartment where tenants are prohibited from making drastic changes of the apartment.

The exciting thing about owning a house is that you can do anything you want with it, and you can make home makeovers and change it anytime you want. With the resources found in the websites and instructional DIY room makeovers found on video sites, personalising your spaces has become achievable. So, are you ready to revamp your bathroom?


If you identify what style or motif you like, then coming up with decorations should be easy. Once you’ve selected the type of theme you want, research it to have better variations of decorations that may fit the space and your budget.

Eco-friendly and Earthy – if you want to achieve a natural but elegant bathroom area, prepare yourself for an Asian invasion. Oriental theme spaces are filled with greens, wood, and stones. Imagine going into a spa—notice how serene the place can seem. That is because Asian designs are based on being in one with nature. And to achieve this theme, you need:

  • Greend. Decorate empty spaces with indoor plants and succulents. They help ventilate enclosed places and help contain moisture and humidity.
  • Wood. Incorporate wooden materials in walls or partitions. Install bamboo shoots on the wall for a more oriental vibe.
  • Stones. For a more natural feel, you can replace the traditional bathroom tiles with rocks. You can use marble stones, smooth limestones, and even gravel stone for a more basic feel. 

Want to know where to get rocks? Search online for landscape supply near me for a more precise availability of garden rocks and other indoor landscape materials in the nearest location possible.

Minimalistic but Chic – to avoid clutter, some people prefer minimalistic designs. But minimalism doesn’t have to be simple and plain. With the right materials and strategic location, your bathroom can achieve a chic and classy look.

  • Resources used can be of dark and neutral colours such as the shade of black to white, from floor to wall designs, and tones of bathroom fixtures.
  • Eliminate unnecessary decors that may consume space, making the bathroom space limited. Instead, create a storage or makeshift cabinets to arrange the clutter inside the room.


Wherever your location in Australia may be, always consider the availability of raw materials because not all types of decorations and fixtures can be found and bought in the same shop. Allocate time to compare the cost of materials from different suppliers to avoid overspending money and to avoid wastage of supplies.

Do you want to have an oriental themed bathroom? Want to install an indoor garden landscape? Or need landscape supplies near me? Talk to us today at Labrador Landscape for precise and professional landscape services and quality garden materials.

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