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Landscape Garden | DIY Home Renovation Ideas: Garden Edition

Our backyard serves as an extension area of our house. It can be an open area or a covered court, grass-covered, or concrete pavement. The number of people partaking on home improvement projects has increased in the past decade. It is because of the influence and the popularisation of “Do It Yourself” or DIY tutorials found on the media.

Home renovations vary from repairs to landscape garden installation. It is rendered as beneficial for individuals to learn DIY for many positive reasons. People opt to do home projects aside from hiring a professional to do it because it:

Is personalised – the exciting part about DIY is having to choose a theme or motif for the nominated area. You can also have the freedom to select what materials to use and to strategize on how to achieve it.

A new experience – for those who are new to making home improvements, DIY is another way of learning a new skill. It is also a form of exercise since the hobby requires both mental and physical performance.

Relieves stress – meditation can also be in the form of a hobby. And the level of stress is significantly reduced when doing physical tasks. Plus, it is known that in DIY gardening, plants and nature give off natural chemicals that give off a warm and calm feel to the environment.

Helps promote family time – assign tasks from each family member to contribute to the project in hand. It can be a form of bonding for members of the family, and it gets the task done in no time.


One of the most popular hobbies and topic in DIY tutorials is gardening. It has countless of outputs that are not only beneficial to the owner of the garden but also the environment and its surroundings. Landscape gardening is a type of horticulture intended for aesthetic purposes, where popular kinds of plants needed for landscaping are classified as ornamental.

Vertical Garden

Can be done in both indoors and outdoors. It is best for limited areas, such as balconies on condominium units and apartments without a lawn, for it takes only a minimum of one meter of the space. A vertical garden can also be situated in the kitchen, where herbs and spices are potted instead of plants., to add convenience. 

Water Fountains and Ponds

Water fountains and ponds are considered as lucky according to Chinese beliefs. Water to them brings abundance and peace to a vicinity. It is also a great feature in landscape architecture, aside from aesthetics, it also enhances the biodiversity of the garden.

Succulent Collection

For people who are always away from their homes, but still want to install a landscape garden, it is practical for them to have plants that require low maintenance. And cacti and succulents are perfect vegetations for active people. All you need to do is to provide the preferred type of soil and a good location.

Have you chosen what type of garden landscape and which horticultural plants to put into your garden? Do you want to start now but don’t know where to get supplies? For landscaping and gardening materials such as soil, cement, stone stocks, visit our official website today at Labrador Landscape.

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