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Get Soil for Organic Compost from Labrador Landscape

We all love our four-legged canine or feline family members. However, the by-product of these dogs and cats is the unwanted “poop.” In Australia alone, a large percentage of the population owns either a cat or dog, or both. This roughly amounts to more than 10 million cats and dogs. An average pooch or feline can approximately produce about 180 kilograms of animal waste in a year. So, all this waste can pile up even when it ends up in a landfill. Rather than throwing it away, you can use animal waste as a sustainable source of organic compost.

How dog and cat poop can become organic compost

Rather than becoming pollutants, dog and cat poop can become nutrients for your garden, by composting it in your backyard.

If you have an ornamental garden, you can make your compost bin by adding the dog or cat poop to grass clippings, plant or organic waste, sawdust, or even cypress mulch. These become the source of food for the waste microbes that break down the organic material into humus. During this process, the temperature in the compost mixture can rise to 60 degrees centigrade. If you want the heat to increase even further to make sure all waste bacteria is killed off, you can cover the compost pit with clear plastic to raise the temperature.

The compost needs to be turned over weekly to ensure uniform composting and oxygenation. Over the weeks, the temperature in the compost will drop, indicating when the decomposition process is complete.

However, there are a couple of things you must remember not to do:

  • Don’t include waste from unknown cats or dogs.
  • Don’t use the compost on vegetables for human consumption.

Use soil or mulch for cat or dog litters

To be more environmentally friendly and for the dog or cat poop to decompose faster in the compost pit, you can use organic soil or cypress mulch in your pet’s litter box instead of buying expensive animal litter that is harmful to the environment. The soil and mulch will already mix well with your pet’s waste and will minimise the bad odour emanating from the waste. When you transfer the waste to the compost pit, you also bring a small amount of soil or mulch with it and this will help decompose the waste faster. 

Get soil or mulch from ALM

If you’re anywhere in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area, you can get organic soils or cypress mulch from ALM to be used in your cat or dog litter box. The wastes can then be used to make compost to create organic compost that can be eventually mixed in your garden. 
For over 25 years, ALM has been servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, providing a range of landscaping products from sand, cement, to mulch. So, if you’re thinking of creating your own organic compost using landscaping materials, come visit ALM today at their website,

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