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Garden Rocks for Sale | Landscaping Ideas for a DIY Fish Pond

One of the features that bring beauty to gardens is water landscapes. Fish pond, waterfalls, and water fountains bring a peaceful aura in our lawn area.  They do not only add appeal, but they also have a spiritual and metaphysical healing effect. In Chinese beliefs, a body of water found in homes can bring positive energy; proper placement of water fountain and ponds is said to bring prosperity to one’s home.

In architecture, fish ponds help humidify an area, and water fountains and falls in fish ponds diminish unwanted noise from outside, and sounds made from inside our home. It is proven that listening to trickles of water can put you in a relaxed state. Therefore, it helps your mind to unwind which further reduces stress.

The Proposal

In DIY projects, it is essential to plan the project first before executing them. Planning gives you assessments on what and how your project should be and if it is plausible or not. Set goals and visualize the design of your fish pond. Make sketches or write the descriptions of the expected project.


Always consider the possible size and measurements of a pond, and make sure it fits your selected area. Also, it is important to consult the government restrictions and requirements in building fish ponds and other outdoor ponds to acquire construction guidelines. Experts say that the bigger the pond, the lesser it needs to be maintained, because nature has its way of taking care of it.

Materials to Use

In choosing materials for the project, buy quality over aesthetics. Although landscaping is dedicated to bringing appeal to the area, effectiveness and functionality should also be a priority. Landscape supply stores have a wide variety of fishpond materials to supply your needs. They offer sand fillings, garden rocks for sale, concrete mixes for curbs, and some even provide landscaping services.

After digging the advised and desired depth of ponds, make sure to press the soil to harden the ground for it to be able to hold the whole structure and to avoid uneven surfaces.

Types of backfill for landscaping usage are: fill sand, roadbase, deco, crusher dust, and concrete blend.

Types of rocks that can be used as flooring are black river rock, fruit salad pebble, and white ash stone.

Examples of the kinds of pond borders are decorative rocks, large sandstone, mossy bush rocks, and potted plants.

  • To sustain lifeforms in ponds, provide a fish pond kit such as an air pump and water filter. They help provide enough oxygen to the pond, and they help regulate the water temperature.

Perfect Location

The location will determine the lifespan and the effectiveness of your pond. Opt for a position that has a balanced exposure to sun and shade. Too much sunlight could help develop algae infestations, while lack of the sun can bring bleakness to your pond.

Landscaping your lawn can be an ordeal, but if you put your heart into it, the results would be excellent and worth the effort. For garden supply and landscaping services visit us now at Labrador Landscape.

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