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Garden Rocks for Sale | Build your Own Outdoor Shower

Australia is a tropical country, but the largest part of the area consists of desert land. In fact, Australia is one of the countries that experience extreme drought. This summer season, let us help you relieve the heat by giving you tips on how to build your own outdoor showers.

The demand for building outdoor showers have increased in the past decade, and, aside from that, it is a basic amenity used for pools and water-related outdoor activities, it is also needed at home. In gardening, an outdoor shower is useful for washing off mud and dirt. Outdoor showers are also best in small cabins and retreat houses. It is not only for hygienic purposes, but it also gives a calming effect to bathe with nature. Before you start, here are things to consider when building an outdoor shower:


The location plays a vital role in almost anything that has to do with construction modelling. It is always considered as the first step because this serves as the basis for many factors that will affect your structure on a daily basis, such as the orientation of the space, the relation of the plot area to the landscape and the environmental factors like the orientation of the sun, and direction of the wind.


The importance of the type of materials used can determine the effectiveness and the durability of your building structure. Make sure to choose materials that are fit for your budget without compromising the quality of your work.

If your outdoor shower is situated in the garden area, to avoid mud build-up in the ground, try adding solid floorings:


Pros – helps distribute the water into the soil and prevents you from stepping directly into the mud; gravel is slip-free.

Cons – water could accumulate in the area, which can result in weed growth.

Pebble-blasted cement

Pros – for a more stable foundation, construct a cement flooring. Pebble-blasted cement is non-slippery, and you can decorate patterns for additional aesthetics.

Cons – takes time to build, could be expensive due to the materials required.


Pros – it comes in many shapes and sizes, can be used as an alternative for tiles, and it creates a rustic vibe.

Cons – edges could be sharp. Larger slab stones may look stable but only make sure that the base ground is flattened to avoid being outbalanced.

For a variety of garden rocks for sale, Labrador Landscape provides quality materials like gravel, pebbles, stones, and concrete cement at reasonable prices.


For privacy setting, put up a wall from below the knees up to shoulder length. That way, it is not entirely closed off, and you can still see the surroundings.

Wooden Planks

Pros – you can build a wall from used pallets, or by connecting wood planks. Woods are less expensive.

Cons – could decay over time due to moist, pest infestations, and moulds.


Pros – more stable and durable than most materials and can add another type of materials for design and aesthetic purposes.

Cons – more expensive. If you’re not skilled with cement mixing and building foundation techniques, you could spend more by hiring someone with the required expertise.

Unless you want to build a minimalistic outdoor shower, then you only need to worry about the location of the outdoor shower and wash and plumbing fixture, and you are good to go! For outdoor garden and soil supply, visit us at Labrador Landscape today.

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