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Backyard Landscaping Ideas for your Furry House Companions

We love our pets. They are an extended part of our family. We take care of them, we give them food with proper nutrition, and we keep them clean and safe. But as much as we want to have our furry friends inside the confines of our home, our pets still need time to play, run, interact and discover the wonders of the outside world. Nature help animals stimulate their brain, heighten their senses and help develop their natural abilities. Our backyard is the right candidate for a safe place for our pets’ daily activities without having to supervise them.

But you may ask yourself, “what kind of plants should I avoid?” “Do I need to hire a landscape artist?” “What is the best alternative as ground composites?” “Is there any landscape supply near me?” Let these questions guide you in deciding what is best for pets and the type of backyard landscape to apply.

Backyard Barriers

From picket to steel, wire mesh, and concrete, fences help us to contain our pets in a broader scope of the area. Not only do they keep our pets inside our home’s vicinity, but it also protects them from stray and dangerous animals from the outside. Plus, it keeps our house safe from trespassers.


Like human beings, animals are also prone to allergies, and some plants can be a possible threat to your pets’ life. There are species of plants and flowers you should avoid planting in your garden. Plants like daffodils, azaleas, tulips, bonsai palm trees, lilies on ponds and water fountains, and even needles from pine trees can be dangerous to pets if ingested. It can cause nasal and skin allergies, upset stomach, bloody stool, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, liver dysfunction, and death. As we know, animals are natural chewers, so it is best to stay away from these types of plants for a safer pet playground.

Shed and Rest Spaces

It is essential for our backyard to have a shaded spot for pets to provide and keep them safe from overexposure to heat or when they need a place for resting. You can build dog houses or cat castles or even plant trees to create shade.

Play Zone

If your backyard soil is either dry or wet, you can always fill it with rich and organic soil base from by purchasing sacks from stores. The best playground base for pets is stones and grass. You can also choose a specific area or create a large wooden box and fill it with mulch. Mulch is the best option for the backyard soil base. It is affordable, and it keeps the moisture in the soil.

Restricted Areas

Safeguard garage and storage areas. It should always remain restricted from a pet and child access, as tools and house equipment could endanger your pets’ lives.

Caring for pets is not an easy task, it requires patience and a lot of time and attention, but no matter the hardship pet-owners experience, nothing compares to the loyalty and love that our pet animals give us. For backyard landscaping and soil supply, contact us at Labrador Landscape.

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